Lessons - Devotional - "Sidetracked"

Someone else will be doing announcements & devotional next Wed because, if the Lord wills, we’re heading to the mountains Sun after church.

Now what if we get packed for our trip, put our destination in our gps, and begin our journey.
-Just before we get on the interstate we decide to stop at QT for a slushie. -Get on 77, but stop by my office at the first exit
-stop at exit 23 to pick up prescription
-there are disc golf courses at exit 25 so we stop for a round
-stop by Jetton park where we got married before getting ack on at exit 28
-but now we’re getting hungry so we come back down a few miles to Shane’s Rib Shack at NorthLake Mall

Over dinner we talk about how great the mountains will be…What’s the problem though? ½ day into our trip, we’re 2 miles from where we started!
Our vacation will be over before we reach our destination!

Now of course we’re not gonna let that happen. That’d be ridiculous... to talk about, plan for, and start off towards a goal, but never make it because we kept getting sidetracked by distractions.

So how much more ridiculous is it for Christians to talk about, plan for, and start off towards heaven, but never make it due to being sidetracked by the distractions of this world?

Another example:
Let’s say that I decide to run in a marathon... Yeah, never gonna happen!
Let’s say one of you decides to run in a marathon…
You train for months and finally get to the big race.

About a mile into the course, you see a Dairy Queen. It sure is hot out there... you’ve been training hard and deserve a break.…
Are you going to take a detour from the race and get yourself a Blizzard?

What serious racer has ever done such a thing? Could you be disqualified from the race? Regardless, how would it help you reach your goal?

If we find we’re telling ourselves “Well, it isn’t sin” more then we’re asking ourselves “Will it help me reach me goal?”, then we might need to re-examine what our biggest goal really is.

Barbara made this comment in class a few months ago… Why waste the time & energy on anything that pulls you away from everlasting life?

Are we in a spiritual race or not?! You know we are!
What does Paul write in I Cor 9?
Run in such a way as to obtain everything you want in life?
-OR- Run in such a way as to obtain the prize?

Correct me if I’m wrong here, but are not the majority of the struggles we face as Christians due to us trying to live both for God and the World? ..Trying to please God while trying to please ourselves?

Brethren, It will NEVER work! Christ himself said “No man can serve two masters.” You CANNOT serve both God and anything

Our enemy the devil, deceives millions, and enslaves our co-workers, friends, and family right before our eyes……while we are distracted by drama at work or who is getting cut on Dancing With the Stars.

Are we in a Spiritual war or not?! You know we are!
II Tim 2:4 - No one engaged in warfare entangles himself with the affairs of this life
What would happen to a soldier who only fought on Wed evening and twice on Sunday? Who left their weapon on a shelf unused each week? Who got so distracted by the affairs of this life that they didn’t even realize they were under attack?

So then, non-Christian... Christian... “How long will you falter between two opinions? If the Lord is God, serve Him; but if the world follow it”.
You can’t serve them both.

Choose you this day who you will serve. If we can help you with that, please come forward and make your need known while together we stand and sing.