Lessons - Devotional - "Superheroes"

Anyone else noticing a lot of superhero TV shows & movies coming out?

CW Network’s current two highest rated TV shows are both based on comic book heroes. Wikipedia lists 259 superhero television programs, a large number of which are still running.

And what about movies?! Screenrant.com posted this not long ago:
“WB’s recent announcement that there are ten DC adaptations scheduled from March 2016 (Batman v Superman) to June 2020 means that there will be over 40 films based on Marvel and DC properties over the next six years.”

The entertainment industry is investing billions in superhero entertainment… and they wouldn’t do that if people weren’t interested.

Now, I know you all will never believe this, but I’m not the coolest person ever to walk the Earth. I can even be kind of a geek at times. I know... inconceivable.
Anyway, years ago when I used to have free time, I was doing my geek thing and designed my own table top role playing game (like Dungeons & Dragons… just better). So players can create their own game characters and have them acquire almost any power or skill they want.
So let’s pretend we’re playing my game and you are creating your characters. How many of you are going to train your characters to be average humans that are good at cleaning & parenting? Those are vital components to society.
No, we want to be able to fly, have super strength, cast fireballs, and become invisible.
Whether in game or life, we dream about being able to do things that normal people can’t, and to have others praise us.
Rephrasing that, we want to “have power over others” and “receive praise from others” …both of which are things the Bible warns us about
(Jn 12:43 & I Jn 2:16).

It is easy to see that super powers + selfishness = super problems, or even supervillains.
If someone did have superpowers, we certainly wouldn’t want them to be selfish, but rather selfless, helpful, and just.
A powerful, selfless savior that loves justice… know anyone like that?

We could stop right here and conclude that we have Jesus Christ, the ultimate superhero on our side! That is certainly true, very comforting, and a valuable point to meditate upon. But ya know… there is another amazing thing that is true because of our supersavior:
We get to be more powerful than the superheroes we dream about!

Don’t believe me? Let’s compare:

Who has the best defense from attacks?
A superhero that can't be physically hurt by guns or knives,
or a Christian who can't be spiritually hurt by anything that man can do to them? (Heb 13:6, Ph 1:21)

Who has the best power to rescue others?
A superhero that can help rescue a person from a burning building,
or a Christian who can help rescue a person from eternal burning in hell?

Who has the most power?
A superhero that might be strong enough to rule the world for a while (albeit a corrupt, lost, and dying world)
or a Christian who reigns with Christ in life and in heaven, and who will judge the earth and angels?
(Rom 5:17, 2 Tim 2:12; I Cor 6:2-3)

Christ has made Christians the real superheroes!

If you aren’t a Christian, dreaming of being a superhero is about all you can do. If your best hope of being powerful and saving others is being bit by a radioactive spider, then let me suggest a much better plan that the Bible describes:
Hear the Word Rom 10:17
Believe in Jesus John 8:24
Repent of your sins Luke 13:3
Confess Christ Rom 10:9-10
Be baptized for remission of sins Acts 2:38
Faithful ‘til death Rev 2:10

Jesus invites you to be a true superhero today. Will you accept?

Christians, do you feel more like a helpless victim than a superhero? Has the Arch Enemy Satan tricked you into taking your focus off the power source? Do you need the power of prayer from the Saints on your behalf?

Whatever your need is, come forward and make it known while we stand and sing the invitation song.